Saturday, August 20, 2011

08/20/11 WWE Power Rankings


1. CM Punk
-Hey, he may have lost the title, but Raw was still centered around him. Wrestling is still revolving around Punk.

2. Randy Orton
-Coming off a huge win and an amazing match at Summerslam, how could you not?

3. John Cena
-John closed the show in typical John Cena fashion....Outshining the opposition.

4. Alberto Del Rio
-Here is the WWE Champ finally! He cashed in after Nash cashed out. But you already knew that!

5. Mark Henry
-Mark has been on a tear lately taking out the biggest Superstars, and we are scared for anyone in his path!

6. Sheamus
-The one man to give Henry a run for his money lately, but a ringside barricade derailed Sheamus at Summer Slam.

7. Christian
-While he went in to Summer Slam the champion, he not only lost, but Orton put a hurting on him that kept him off of Smackdown this week as well!

8. Cody Rhodes
-The newly crowned Intercontinental Champion has not only beaten Big Zeke once, but defended it successfully also.

9. Kelly Kelly
-She pulled off an incredible upset at Summer Slam defeating Beth Phoenix...She was the champion going in!

10. Wade Barrett
-The bare knuckle brawler has beaten Mr. MITB, Daniel Bryan in 2 consecutive matches, gotta count for something.

11. The Miz
-He asked, he received, and he lost his match at Summer Slam.

12. Daniel Bryan
-It has been a tough week for the Money in The Bank holder on Smackdown falling 2 times to Wade Barrett.

13. Beth Phoenix
-Beth will be relentless until she becomes the new Divas champion and takes out Kelly Kelly.

14. Alex Riley
-Well, he was pretty high up on the list, but Vicki managed to drop him down a few spots with her interference costing him the match against Swagger.

15. John Morrison
-JoMo still a little in Slow Mo after neck surgery, but picks up an impressive win over R-Truth on Raw.

16. R-Truth
- Truth and Little Jimmy have both fallen after a rough week of losses.

17. Rey Mysterio
-Rey fought a war with Del Rio on Raw, but lost, and then got his butt kicked afterwards.

18. Kofi Kingston
-Kofi and Evan Bourne have formed a very fun high flying tag team and knocked off the Champs!

19. Natalya
-The other member of DOD put up a losing effort on Smackdown this week as well.

20. Justin Gabriel
-If you read WWE Magazine this month, you were expecting the performance he put on for us on Smackdown, and what a great one it was!

Well folks that rounds out our Top 20 for this week, stay tuned next week and see who is in the line up!


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