Saturday, August 6, 2011

WWE's Recent Releases

Here we take a look at the recent releases that the WWE has made to their roster and give some insight.

Chris Masters

The masterpiece doesn't really come as a shock as the WWE in my opinion has never really used him correctly. Especially the 2nd time around. He came back and was fresh and very much improved, and they turned him into an amusement park with his pectoral muscle dancing gimmick. Chris Masters is the guy that Vince has been known to love for many years, he is big and extremely cut up as far as muscles go. He was very green during his first run in 2005, however he was in the Main Event at New Years Revolution in the Elimination Chamber, after that he kind of fell flat, was released and then brough back. I can see TNA using him appropriately as they have done with Matt Morgan. He could be a big asset to the company, while he won't be the face of it he could be a very solid uppercard tier wrestler. Atleast Chris is very optimistic about his release and is looking forward to moving on to see what lies in the future.

Gail Kim

Well, she wasn't released, she quit. Quite a big difference. However, I strongly believe that the WWE only brought her back for one reason and one reason only. To get her out of TNA. Gail Kim had amazing matches and was always receiving credit for being one of the top women's wrestlers in the world, let alone just the Knockout division. I was very hopeful that WWE would have rolled with Gail Kim and Kharma reviving their feud from TNA, however Kharma's pregnancy put that on hold, and now with her no longer being with the WWE it is completely nixed. Gail even eliminated herself during last weeks Diva Battle Royal to see if anyone noticed, and she was right. They didn't. I could see her going back to TNA as she has said on her Twitter account that "she doesn't need their money and that she is free" referencing WWE. I could see her going back to be a Knockout as she loved her time there and just wanted to get a little more money and was probably told she would be used correctly. Gail could get a job in any wrestling promotion she really wants to as she has that much talent and ability.


Well this is a hit or miss as far as surprises go. Rumor's have been swirling since Wrestlemania and all of the backstage drama between her, John Morrison and Trish Stratus. I really don't know if any other company would be interested in picking her up because, while she is talented she is constantly in hot water with management, that could just be because of the people she was working with. Who am I to say? Melina is a very solid wrestler and has great charisma, however she is going about her release completely wrong especially with her social networking accounts on Twitter and Facebook. I again could see TNA picking up her only because of name recognition, however they picked up the Hardys for name recognition and they haven't really panned out for them and have been viewed more in a negative light. While Melina doesn't have any drug related problems like they do, her backstage attitude is viewed negatively, and for a company whose backstage morale isn't that high with TNA, I am not sure if they would take the chance.

DH Smith

Not shocked one bit. Unfortunately, I was a huge fan of his father, but when he is consistantly compared to him he was never able to break out of that shadow. He has a great look and good in ring ability, however the writing was on the wall for him as soon as they broke up the Hart Dynasty. He has stated that he is going to Japan, so hopefully he can have an MVP like success over there as I believe he can be a stand out star as well.

Valdimir Kozlov

I have been hoping and praying for this man to be released for quite some time. Not because I don't like him, but because this guy deserves a lot better than being another comedic act in the WWE. Did I really have to witness him in a dance off when I was at Raw in Miami in June of 2010? This is the same guy that was unbeatable when he debuted, he even beat Triple H! Kozlov was on the posted for No Way Out in 2009 as well! He was in the hunt to wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25. I'm glad that Shawn Michaels wrestled him and gave us one of the best matches I have ever laid eyes on, however my point is. This guy was receiving a Goldberg like push. Granted he is limited in the ring, he didn't need to be anything other a big monster and a bully like he was. Valdimir in my eyes and in terms of character took the same path that they put Kane on. Although his was a lot quicker to the demise of his gimmick. He doesn't really seem to fit into TNA, as they are done with signing every single released person from WWE he probably won't end up there. Perhaps he could go to Japan, but even his MMA skills have been made into such a mockery that I hate to say it, but his career as a wrestler may very well be done.

Hopefully I won't be doing anymore of these, but stay tuned and we will keep you guys updated!

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