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WWE Summer Slam Axxess 2011 Experience

Summer Slam Axxess at LA Live in Los Angeles, CA
So I had the privilege of going to WWE's Summer Slam over the past weekend in Los Angeles, California. I must say, the atmosphere was incredible, it even beat out Wrestlemania's Axxess. Perhaps it was because it was outdoors so it felt more free, the wrestlers all seemed to be in a lot better moods than they were in Atlanta. Maybe LA has that effect on people, I really don't know.

Our morning started really early on Friday as my girlfriend and I woke up about 4am to get ready and head to the airport in route to Houston, TX and then on to The City of Angels. WWE put us up in the Wilshire Grand hotel as part of their travel package, and the hotel was awesome! We met a real cool guy named Brian, who is also a screenwriter, you guys should definitely check him out @b_skillz on Twitter. Anyway, first day we did all the tourist type of stuff that didn't have anything to do with wrestling except for the fact that if we happened to arrive a day early we would have had the chance to meet CM Punk at Hot Topic.

Day 2 starts early in the morning as we get to have a private autograph session with Christian and Alberto Del Rio in the Ballroom of the Wilshire Grand. Besides Christian looking like he had a few too many drinks the night before, it was really cool, both guys were extremely nice and cordial allowing pictures and multiple autographs. Christian even let you hold his belt! Following that session we attended the first Summerslam Axxess at 11am PST. The weather was tremendous, if you live in California, please message me on Twitter @FanaticCEO and let me know if it is like that year round because it was incredible.

Ok, back on track now. 

The Bellas were at the first table for autographs and I'm fairly certain that they had the longest line of both sessions that day, so needless to say, they do their job very well because lots of people wanted to meet them. We stopped with Kofi Kingston and got a picture, got some autographs from Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, Ezekial Jackson. We got a Q&A session from then WWE Champion CM Punk which is also on our UStream Channel located HERE! I apologize for the low quality as I had my 4G service turned off to save my phones battery. My bad, I know for next time now. The Roster for WWE 12 was also revealed, and you could play the game at the tent they had set up for it on either Xbox 360 or PS3, and I must say, this game is GREAT!

The second session in my opinion was a lot better as the lines were a heck of a lot shorter to make it through photo and autograph booths. Again everyone that was there signing and taking pictures was so nice and just seemed like that were happy to be there. We made it through every single autograph table and photo booth in the 4 hours that the session ran and also got to catch some of Alberto Del Rios Q&A in the ring. By this point I was completely fried (as in sun burnt) since there was no humidity out in California, I didn't notice. I am used to being in Florida where you sweat your ass off just thinking about going outside in the summer.

Roxy and Big Zeke....That's a lot of teeth
This last part I am going to comment on wasn't part of Axxess itself but it started 30 mins prior to the last Axxess session on Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm PST. This was the Pre-Event Hospitality Party that the WWE included for the first time, or atleast I am assuming it was the first time since there were focus groups asking us questions all the time if we enjoyed certain aspects of it. First of all we got a fully catered buffet from the WWE. Like high end stuff too, prime rib, scallops, sea bass, it was delicious. Now I knew that were we going to get to meet the wrestlers and stuff, but I wasn't sure how personal it would be.

So, I am sitting at the table with my girlfriend, Roxy and Brian, as I take a bite of my prime rib I get a hand on my shoulder and hear "oh wow, what ya eating?" and turn around to see it's Ted DiBiase Jr, and yes I almost pissed myself. There were so many wrestlers just hanging out and mingling with us it was indescribable and this really made the trip a lone. Little did we know that Summer Slam would be the amazing show that it was, but if it was a stinker this party was insane. Matt Striker put his arm around Roxy and told me that she isn't my girlfriend anymore and hung out and talked with us about how we were enjoying LA and stuff. Drew McIntyre was probably my favorite out of them all simply because of this picture below of Brian's WWE Championship Belt that he bought.

Drew McIntyre's Signature
Yep, that's right. He signed the name plate and then did this.
Brian with Drew McIntyre and his title....Who's title though?

Me with Drew McIntyre

 If you are ever contemplating on attending a WWE event, they sure treat their fans like royalty, just make sure you buy your tickets from WWE when they go on sale, otherwise you are going to get completely ripped off buying them from a third party.

Well, it's now Wednesday morning and I am still in shock and awe from my experience in Los Angeles, so I am going to have to leave it at that.

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