Monday, August 8, 2011

Raw 08-08-11: The Final Build Up for Summerslam

Well, usually the WWE does this to us and gives us a pretty lackluster episode of Raw trying to tie up loose ends to feuds heading into a PPV, and they didn't steer away from their typical direction.

The show opened with Triple H talking. Is anyone else already getting tired of him being the figure head and being on TV week in and week out? He gives himself some plugs about how he is casting the shadow over the WWE because he is the new man in charge. Hunter has inserted himself into the WWE Championship as he is now the special guest referee.

John Cena and Jack Swagger have the first match of the night. Welcome Jack Swagger, this is an actual match! I am not sure if he forgot what that was like since he has been demoted to doing absolutely nothing on Monday Night Raw since he was Michael Cole's whipping boy leading up into Wrestlemania.

Not much energy in the crowd tonight, not sure if it was a result from a slowly running show or what. CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio put on a decent match, it was kind of rushed and you already knew Punk was going to pick up the victory heading into the Main Event of Summerslam this Sunday. R-Truth and John Morrison had a match that was a very short one as well.

Eve Torres wrestled another match in slow motion, this time making Beth Phoenix look bad. Beth wins and cuts a little promo about how the Divas division will change and then Kelly Kelly comes down looking like the girl from the trailer park trying to be attractive and hits Beth with the belt in the back of the head.

Once again CM Punk cuts a great promo during the beginning of the contract signing. Punk takes some more personal shots at Triple H and then shows a video of The Rock going off on John Cena, calling him a "transvestite Wonder Woman" Good lord, The Rock destroyed John Cena with that video. Let me repeat that, The Rock DESTROYED John Cena in that video. CM Punk continues right where The Rock left off with his video, and then he goes off on The Rock as well. Cena interrupts him and gets booed out of the building.

I will attach a video to this because I really can't describe CM Punk's promo anymore, it was another speechless moment, and if he keeps this up he really will be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The entire ending of the show with the contract signing segment was amazing and made the entire show for me. While the rest of it didn't do a whole lot as far as entertainment is concerned but the end of the show was absolutely tremendous and I haven't seen a build up this big since The Rock and Stone Cold days.

Looking forward to Summerslam, for those who will be there I will see you there! For those who aren't I will have exclusive photos, videos and blogs about the weekends festivities!

Adios for now my friends!

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